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girl, no

hell's bells
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adrian tomine, adventure games, alternate endings, alton brown, art and craft, b-movies, bahlsen hit, beat takeshi, ben tausig, bikes, bingo, braggs and nutritional yeast, bronte sisters, buns, cerebus, cheap jewelry, clipart, coffee, comic books, corn pizza, cow bells, daniel clowes, degrassi, donut snobbery, dots, drag queen makeup, dreamcast, drunken milkshakes, earl grey tea, edamame, empty book trucks, five year gouda, forearms, frandall, free copies, gabriel fucking knight, geekery, gelato, gender, gnocchi, golden unicorn, grace paley, greasy spoons, hackers, haruki murakami, hell peas, high thread-count sheets, hobbit feet, insomnia, japanese, johnny depp, juliet the camel, kids' instruments, knitting, lungfish, lynda barry, magical drop iii, mike patton, monkey slippers, movies starring rappers, muffins, narwhals, nerdy people, noise, organic produce, patti smith, paul pope, peter jackson, poker, pump up the volume, puyo puyo, puzz loop, quiz and dragons, rawk, real genius, robots, ruby galactic gumshoe, sammo hung, say anything, schwinn the bike, schwinn the cat, scrabble, sitting by the window, sleep, smartasses, spontaneous baking, staple guns, stop/eject, talkin' shit, tempeh, the food network, the glore psychiatric museum, the n, the postapocalyptic future, throwing glasses of water, tofu, tony leung, toys, transmetropolitan, trivial pursuit, tsui hark, turmeric, ukiyo-e, um special collections library, ursula k. leguin, wcbn, we're twins, www.the-underdogs.org, yasunari kawabata, yo mama, yuen biao, zombies